Wax Divas

Pineapple Grove District - Suite 22 140 NE 2nd AVE - Delray Beach, FL 33444

Legendary Waxing in Delray Beach Florida
Best Brazilian Waxing in Town

Wax Divas in Delray Beach, Florida is a wax boutique studio specializing in full body waxing for men and women.

Our mission at Wax Diva's is to provide our clients with a clean, comfortable environment with professional, quick, and thorough waxing! All our brazilian and bikini waxing is done with a high quality hard wax that is designed for sensitive skin. Using hard wax is much more gentle then using stip wax and helps to minimize pain. Our Brazilian waxes are legendary and we pride ourselves in our cleanliness! We do not double dip wax sticks here! We wear gloves, and are licensed professionals. Come in and enjoy smooth, hair free skin!

Wax Divas Top 15 reasons we are unique

1. We are all Licensed Aesthetician's with over 600 hours of training in Advanced Aesthetics.

2. We use a high quality European Hard Wax. (NEVER LET ANYONE USE STRIP WAX ON YOUR BIKINI OR BRAZILIAN.)

3. We use good products to cleanse and prep your skin before your wax. After waxing we use the best essential oils and calming serums, as well as intensive clear it products to help prevent breakouts, ingrown hairs, and redness.

4. Approved by the Health Department.

5. Licensed by the State of Florida and Board Certified to perform your waxing treatments.

6. We wear gloves.

7. No double dipping.

8. We are obsessed with sanitation and a spotlessly clean wax room and clean wax pots.

9. We require each and every client to fill out a consultation form and we go over it with you before we start to make sure you understand the process.

10. We explain our process to our clients and try to answer all of your questions up front.

11. Private and discreet setting.

12. Member of Associated Skin Care Professionals

13. Our waxing process is very gentle, we use hard wax and high quality products for pre and post wax cleaning and soothing the skin. Our clients are amazed at how gentle our wax is on their skin with little to no redness and inflammation.

14. We have our own Wax Diva Product line for all of your waxing needs!

15. Last but not last. We have a Wax Diva Promo Modeling Team! You can find us out and about in Delray Beach and at events promoting soft, smooth, and sexy skin! Skin is In!

Free Wax Offer
* Please check out our no purchase necessary complimentary offer for a FREE wax treatment for first time clients.