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Hard Wax Comfort Wax System

Gentle Wax System - In 5 Clinical Steps Made Easy

Our comfort wax system is so gentle you will be amazed at the difference in our waxing experience versus other places you may have gone in the past.

We specialize in using Hard Wax in our clinical 5 step wax method as it makes your waxing sessions less painful by using hard wax instead of soft wax.

1. First the area to be treated is cleansed with a high quality cleanser.

2. Hard wax is applied to the skin in a thick layer and is left on for several seconds to harden.

3. After the wax hardens it is pulled off-no strips involved in a quick, fast and efficient manner. Immediately after pressure is applied on the area treated to calm the skin.

4. Final post-treatment with our high quality essential oils that will soothe your skin and calm the area that was just treated.

5. Finally we apply our Wax Diva brand product line to your skin and/or makeup and brow diva products we retail so you can look your best.

Hard wax has many benefits. It's generally easier on sensitive skin, and is very easy to manipulate in nooks and crannies, so to speak. Because it only sticks to the hairs, and not the skin itself, it can be put on in layers, so if there is still hair left over after the first try, another layer can be applied. Hard wax is less abrasive than soft wax and can also help with exfoliating the skin too.

This cannot be done with soft "strip" wax since that type of wax removes a small layer of skin with it, which is why some people find this method more painful, especially in the bikini area, eyebrows, and for Brazilians.

So why not use hard wax everywhere? It would take forever to wax larger areas of the body! Strip wax can be applied all the way down the leg and removed in one long piece of non-woven waxing strips (like muslin) at once. Hard wax is best for brazilians, eyebrows, lip, chin, underarms, bikini-even toes, hands, ears, and nose. Soft or strip wax is best for arms, legs, chest, and back hair.