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"We Are THE Experts in Manscaping in Delray Beach, FL"

We also sell Numb Nuts so you can be ready for your treatment. Check out our video for male waxing tips. Apply 15-20 min before your waxing treatment. Our male clients love it!

There are times when we might miss a few hairs. Thus, we ask you to zoom on in for a quick tune up at no charge.


BROzillian $75-$105
Full BROzillianTake it all off front to back, leave a strip or triangle. Using all hard wax we will gently remove all hair from the top, sides, scrotum and even between the bum cheeks. You will love the smooth and clean feeling. Never shave again! Lasts app 4 weeks. NEVER LET ANYONE USE STRIP WAX ON YOU! The price varies due to how much hair you have, length of service. Some clients have us keep waxing and it takes longer and others choose to not even do a full male Brazilian. It it is your first time it will take longer and cost more.
Balls & Behind $65
Man bits and between the cheeks. We use uber gentle hard wax so you get the smoothest results possible. Never shave again. Lasts app 4 weeks. NEVER LET ANYONE USE STRIP WAX ON YOU!
Speedo $50
Tidy up the speedo line with our european hard wax. Remove the hair from outside the brief line. Never shave again!
Derierre $45
Removes hair from the cheeks and between the cheeks. Soft, smooth, and oh la la... Never shave again!


Back [half/full] 50/75
Shoulders 45
Chest 45+
Chest & Stomach 55+
Full Legs 90
Patch 20+


Manly Brows 20
Neck/Hairline 20
Nose 15
Ears 15